Main Advantages of Terpenes in CBD Oil 

In this article, we will discuss the major terpene types that can be found in cannabis plants with their respective unique scents, tastes, and benefits.  


Linalool’s aroma is very sweet and floral. Commonly, it can be observed in plants, like lavender, and is commonly infused to moisturizers, makeup, and other products thanks to its great scent. Frequently, this terpene plays a massive part in aromatherapy since it is really calming and because of its anti-anxiety effects. It also shares the similar things that cannabis does as well like the fact that it is anti-seizure, it can support the immune system, relieves both mental and physical pain that results in depression. 


Myrcene is among the widely used terpene out of all types of cannabis. The scent is extremely pungent, herbal, and earthy. This terpene has potent impacts on the body even if it’s the tiniest terpene. Myrcene is the terpene that provides cannabis that sleepy effect, which makes it a perfect resolution for people who suffer from insomnia. Moreover, this terpene is a great pain relief substance that’s usually applied to help make muscles relax, plus, it’s antibacterial.  

Moreover, this terpene can be seen in lemongrass, thyme, and mango. It’s widely famous due to its relaxing effect, which exists in strains like “Blue Dream,” which are very calming to the body. 


This naturally occurs in lots of citrus fruits like lime and lemon, hence, the name. It tastes and smells like citrus as well. Limonene is what provides particular cannabis strains that sour, fruity, potent scent. Medicinally speaking, limonene can help improve mood and has anti-inflammatory, and anti-fungal agent as well. Moreover, it can boost other terpenes’ absorption rate. As a result, it results in a more effective impact all around. Basically, limonene is the superhero among other types of terpenes. 


Caryophyllene can be found in plants like cinnamon, oregano, basil, and black pepper. The flavor profile is spicy and warm—quite similar to what you anticipate your cinnamon to be. Therapeutically speaking, caryophyllene has been recognized that it can minimize the alcohol intake of tested rodents, which makes it perfect to treat types of addiction especially alcoholism.  

Not just that, this terpene type contains antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects. It’s recognized to be beneficial in helping inflammatory bowel disease and even aid in treating depression and anxiety.  


Commonly, this terpene can be seen in cannabis, it has a slightly spicy, earthy, and woody herbal scent. Humulenes can naturally be found in cannabis plants, Sativa strains, hops, basil, and clove. This terpene is anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory, and works as a suppressant of appetite, unlike the typical idea that cannabis is intended to make you starve. However, humulene can provide cannabis strains that contain this, they suppress appetite and the opposite effect in a much healthier way compared to diet pills.  

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